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Never ignore these 6 important areas of life ( if you are starting med school )

Starting college is a life-turning experience for every individual. Medical colleges are no exception.

You will often find yourself in a state of confusion about a lot of things in general.

Let us look at six important areas of life you should focus on after you join a medical college

1) Health - much more than those dream abs

When I say health, it does not end at physical fitness or a beautiful body. Poor quality of sleep, sleep deprivation, drug and substance abuse, frequent burnouts are commonly seen in many medical students.

Physical health and mental health should be your utmost priority if you want to survive in med school for a long time.

Take out time to move your body, pick up a sport that you like, have a nutritious diet, meditate, stay away from discussions that damage your sanity, and have zero positive impact on your life.

2) Education- The grind continues and increases too!!

All that you heard about the surmounting syllabus load is true. Ignoring your regular med school studies for a long time can be very harmful in the long run.

Ask for help from your batchmates, seniors, professors, or any other relevant person you are comfortable with but never get too lazy in completing the tasks assigned.

Be smart, study selectively and effectively.

3) Financial freedom- Money matters!!

Medicine is often portrayed as a lucrative career. Many young students join medical school assuming that it will solve all their financial crises like magic.

It is a fact that after a certain level of experience and expertise, money does flow in, but that level takes several years of non-stop hard work.

So, if you are one of those people who were conned by this notion and joined medicine, I will advise you to start building an alternate source of money on the side.

There are many ways by which you can develop in-demand skills or use your existing skills to earn some bucks on the side.

5) Social Life- The one outside your screens!!

No. I am not talking about your Instagram and Snapchat. It is alright if you are an introvert. But always make it a priority to interact with your peers and professors daily.

Hang out with your group. Develop good relations. It will help you tremendously in the long run.

6) Family time - “ In times of test, family is best "

One of the areas where you will always come up with an excuse is spending time with your loved ones. It is because you take them for granted. Be it your parents, siblings, or partner, update them about your life and well-being in general.

They are concerned for you only because they genuinely care.

Focus on these six aspects of life and be ready to thrive on your medical school journey and ahead. All the best !!!

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