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Apple Drone concept takes flight in designer's imagination

Updated: Nov 26, 2021

If Apple gets tired of watches, laptops and phones and decides to make a drone, it might look like this.

Imagine it's the end of the next major Apple event. Tim Cook steps back onto the stage, his button-down shirt untucked. He holds a white controller in his hand. The crowd falls silent. "Oh, and one more thing," he says as a whirring gadget emerges from the back of the theater, buzzing overhead. Meet the Apple Drone.

The Apple Drone isn't real (as far as we know). It's a concept created by graphic designer Eric Huismann. He designed a sleek and stark take on a quadrocopter. Swooping lines and a white-and-black color scheme fit in with Apple's product aesthetic. The famous Apple logo sits in the middle of the flying craft.

Huismann's version of a drone touched by Jony Ive includes four iSight cameras built into the legs. The cameras would capture 4K video and include video stabilization for stunning cinematic-quality footage from the air. He also included a panoramic mode using all cameras at once.

In Huismann's world, the Apple Drone streams real-time HD video to your Apple device. The handheld controller would also allow for direct mounting of an iPhone or iPad.

The Apple Drone concept images are done up in Apple's unfussy marketing style. It certainly looks like it could be a real product, but don't expect it to show up at the next Apple event. It's more a fun exercise in "What if?"

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blog by Amanda Kooser

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