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[S1E7] 22 Steps REPACK

The plan is going well. Shaun tells Ian that it is only 24 steps from the ambulance to the ER, only for Liam to correct him. It is only 22 steps from the ambulance to the ER. Shaun keeps this method up and all is going well but eventually Liam begins to panic and they have to give up.

[S1E7] 22 Steps

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On a tall mountain, Sensei Wu is shown to be meditating before pouring the Traveler's Tea in a circle around his campfire. A vortex then erupts, and he steps into it. He reappears in another dimension, where he is greeted by his brother, Lord Garmadon.

Waiting for Grampy's slow-cook chili is hard for Bob Dog. His pals help him pass the time with a jamboree./Donkey wants to become a hoof dancer just like Grampy. He helps her learn the most important steps: practice, practice some more, and practice! 041b061a72


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