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How Paul Vigil's Classic Fantastic Pdf Will Teach You Some of the Most Elegant and Powerful Routines in the Field

Paul Vigil Classic Fantastic Pdf: A Review of Four Professional Routines

If you are a fan of magic and mentalism, you have probably heard of Paul Vigil. He is one of the most respected and sought-after performers in the world, known for his elegant, sophisticated and powerful style. He has been praised by legends like Johnny Thompson, David Blaine, Penn & Teller, Derren Brown and many others.

Paul Vigil Classic Fantastic Pdf

Paul Vigil is also a prolific creator and author of original effects and routines that have been published in several books, such as Doorway to Delusion, Diplopia, Prime Cut and Sympathy for the Devil. His latest book, Classic Fantastic, is a collection of four professional routines that he has been performing for years in his shows.

Classic Fantastic contains 268 pages of detailed explanations, illustrations, photographs, tips, variations and ideas from Paul Vigil himself and other contributors like Ross Johnson, Jimmy Grippo, Jason England and more. It covers parlor, stage and close-up magic and mentalism effects that involve cards, money, chains, envelopes and wallets.

If you are interested in learning from one of the masters of the art, you can get the pdf version of Classic Fantastic from for only $8. This is a great deal for a book that will teach you some of the most refined and deceptive routines in the field. In this review, we will give you an overview of what you can expect from Classic Fantastic and why you should read it.

The More the Merrier

The first routine in Classic Fantastic is The More the Merrier, a multiple selection routine with eight cards and a triumph finale. This is a perfect opener for any card act, as it involves and entertains a large group of spectators and showcases your skill and personality.

The routine uses a special locator card that Paul calls the SCaM card, which stands for Shortened, Crimped and Marked. This card allows you to easily control, locate and reveal the selected cards in various ways, without any complicated sleights or memorization. You will learn how to make and use this card effectively in your own routines.

The routine also teaches you several techniques for handling, shuffling and displaying the cards, such as the Modified Charlier Shuffle, the Vernon Transfer, the Flip-Flop Change, the Top Change, the Modified Slip Cut, the Rub-a-Dub-Dub Vanish and the Houdini Color Change. You will also learn how to present the routine with humor, suspense and surprise, and how to adapt it to different group sizes and situations.

The Endless Chain

The second routine in Classic Fantastic is The Endless Chain, a three-phase routine with the classic gambling scam. This is a timeless effect that has been performed by many magicians over the years, but Paul Vigil adds some new twists and turns that make it more deceptive and entertaining.

The routine starts with Flash Cash, an effect by Patrick Page where you change a one-dollar bill into a hundred-dollar bill in a flash. This sets up the premise of being a con artist who can manipulate money and people. You then introduce the endless chain, a loop of rope that can be twisted into different shapes. You challenge the spectators to bet on which loop they can catch with their finger, but no matter what they choose, they always lose.

The routine progresses with three phases, each one more impossible and amusing than the previous one. You will learn three new throws that deliver different outcomes, such as making both loops catchable, making both loops uncatchable or making one loop catchable and one loop uncatchable. You will also learn how to end the routine with a novel finish that leaves the spectators utterly dumbfounded.

The routine also teaches you the psychology and timing of the bets and the chain movements, as well as how to interact with the spectators and create a fun atmosphere. You will also learn some tips and subtleties from other performers who have used this effect, such as Johnny Thompson, Ross Johnson and Jimmy Grippo.


The third routine in Classic Fantastic is Update, a variation of T.A. Waters' Backdate, a mental effect with a card on the back. This is a simple but powerful effect that can be performed with any deck of cards and any spectator.

The effect is that you ask a spectator to think of any card in the deck and write it down on a piece of paper. You then show that you have predicted their card by having it face up on the back of the deck. You then reveal that you have also predicted when they would think of that card by showing that it has a different back design than the rest of the deck.

The problem with this effect has always been the mechanics. How do you get the right card on the back of the deck without looking at it or touching it? Paul Vigil solves this problem with an ingenious method that involves no sleight of hand, no gimmicks and no switches. You will learn how to perform this effect flawlessly and effortlessly in any situation.

The routine also teaches you some subtleties and misdirection that enhance the mystery and make it more convincing. You will also learn some alternative methods and handlings for different situations, such as using a borrowed deck, using a blank card or using a wallet.

High Five

The fourth and final routine in Classic Fantastic is High Five, a variation of the Blindfold Poker Deal with mentally selected cards. This is a stunning demonstration of your card skills and mental abilities that will leave your audience speechless.

pocket. You then turn over the poker hands and show that you have dealt yourself a royal flush, while the other hands are garbage.

The routine uses a streamlined handling of Gene Finnell's Free Cut Principle, which allows you to control any number of cards to any position in the deck with a few simple cuts. You will learn how to apply this principle to create a seemingly impossible effect that can be done with any deck of cards.

The routine also teaches you how to use the Le Paul Wallet for the Card in the Envelope effect, which is one of the most convincing ways to reveal a mentally selected card. You will learn how to load and unload the wallet without arousing suspicion and how to present it with a logical and natural motivation.

The routine also teaches you some contingency effects that can be added to the routine in case something goes wrong or you want to extend it. One of them is Paul's handling of Think Stop, a classic effect where you stop at a mentally selected card while dealing through the deck. You will learn how to perform this effect with a clever subtlety that makes it more deceptive and impressive.


Classic Fantastic is a book that every serious student of magic and mentalism should read and study. It contains four professional routines that are refined, deceptive and entertaining. They are suitable for parlor, stage or close-up settings and can be performed with minimal props and preparation.

Paul Vigil is a master of the art and he shares his wisdom and experience in this book. He explains every detail, technique, subtlety and variation of his routines, as well as giving credit and references to his sources and influences. He also provides ideas and suggestions from other contributors who have performed or improved his routines.

If you want to learn from one of the best in the business, you should get Classic Fantastic from for only $8. This is a bargain for a book that will teach you some of the most elegant and powerful routines in magic and mentalism. You will not regret it.

To get your copy of Classic Fantastic, visit or click on the link below. You can also contact Paul Vigil directly for more information or feedback on his website at or on his social media accounts. He would love to hear from you.

Thank you for reading this review and I hope you enjoyed it. Now go and get Classic Fantastic and start performing some amazing magic and mentalism!


  • Q: How much does Classic Fantastic cost?A: The pdf version costs $8 on, while the paperback version costs $65 on Dark Arts Press.

  • Q: How long is Classic Fantastic?A: The book is 268 pages long, with illustrations and photographs.

  • Q: What level of skill is required to perform Classic Fantastic?A: The book is not for beginners, but for intermediate to advanced magicians who have some experience and knowledge of card magic and mentalism.

  • Q: What kind of effects are included in Classic Fantastic?A: The book contains four professional routines that can be performed in parlor, stage or close-up settings. They are magic and mentalism effects that involve cards, money, chains, envelopes and wallets.

  • Q: Where can I learn more about Paul Vigil and his other works?A: You can visit his website at or follow him on social media. You can also check out his other books, such as Doorway to Delusion and Diplopia.



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