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Seiken Tsukai No World Break Episode 7

The anime series' first episode received negative reviews from Anime News Network's staff during the Winter 2015 season previews. Rebecca Silverman was optimistic about the premise and said it wasn't as awful as other shows of its ilk during the season but found it generic with its poor execution in storytelling and harem-standard characters that made for an overall lackluster viewing experience. Theron Martin was also intrigued by the fantasy plot concept being used to justify the harem elements but was deterred by the tiring humor, average production and sexist comments made towards women. Nick Creamer heavily criticized the overuse of generic harem tropes throughout the episode, ranging from body humor gags to elements of sexism that "reflect[ive] of an underlying worldview that sees women as unknowable prizes to be won." Zac Bertschy felt the adaptation carried a "generic, flavorless" feel throughout with its direction, female cast and the overall aesthetic of their character designs, calling it "zero-effort junk."[2] Silverman reviewed the complete series in 2016.[34] Despite having both Moroha and Shizuno carry traits above your typical harem characters, she criticized the anime overall for poor storytelling economy, lack of character development and world building, concluding that: "Unless you're in desperate need of a new magic high school story, this is something that you can safely skip."[34]

Seiken Tsukai no World Break Episode 7




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