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Twixtor Premiere Pro Cs6 Torrent

How to Use Twixtor in Premiere Pro CS6

Twixtor is a plugin that allows you to create stunning slow motion effects in Adobe Premiere Pro. It works by analyzing the motion of the video frames and creating new frames that interpolate the motion between the original ones. This way, you can slow down or speed up your video clips without losing quality or introducing artifacts.


In this article, we will show you how to use Twixtor in Premiere Pro CS6, and also explain the risks and alternatives of torrenting Twixtor.

How to Install Twixtor in Premiere Pro CS6

Before you can use Twixtor, you need to install it in Premiere Pro CS6. Here are the steps to do so:

  • Download Twixtor from the official website of RE:Vision Effects. You can choose between a trial version or a full version. The trial version has some limitations, such as watermarks and reduced resolution. The full version costs $595 for a single license.

  • Run the installer and follow the instructions. Make sure you select Premiere Pro CS6 as the host application.

  • Restart Premiere Pro CS6 and check if Twixtor appears in the Effects panel under Video Effects > RE:Vision Plug-ins > Twixtor.

How to Apply Twixtor in Premiere Pro CS6

Once you have installed Twixtor, you can apply it to any video clip in your timeline. Here are the steps to do so:

  • Select the video clip that you want to apply Twixtor to and drag it to the timeline.

  • Go to the Effects panel and search for Twixtor. Drag and drop it onto the video clip.

  • Go to the Effect Controls panel and adjust the settings of Twixtor. The most important setting is the Speed, which determines how much you want to slow down or speed up your video clip. For example, if you set the Speed to 50%, your video clip will play at half the original speed. You can also adjust other settings, such as Frame Interpolation, Motion Sensitivity, Motion Vectors, and more. For more details on each setting, refer to the user manual of Twixtor.

  • Preview your video clip and see how Twixtor affects it. You can also trim or extend your video clip to change its duration.

The Risks and Alternatives of Torrenting Twixtor

Some people may be tempted to torrent Twixtor instead of buying it from the official website. Torrenting is a method of downloading files from other users on a peer-to-peer network, such as BitTorrent. However, torrenting has some risks and drawbacks that you should be aware of:

  • Torrenting is illegal if you download copyrighted material without permission from the owner. This includes software like Twixtor, which is protected by copyright laws. If you torrent Twixtor, you may face legal consequences, such as fines or lawsuits from the owner or authorities.

  • Torrenting is unsafe if you download files from untrusted sources. You may expose your device to malware, viruses, or spyware that can harm your system or steal your data. You may also compromise your privacy by revealing your IP address and online activity to other users on the network or third parties who monitor torrent traffic.

  • Torrenting is unreliable if you download files from low-quality sources. You may encounter incomplete, corrupted, or outdated files that do not work properly or cause errors in your software. You may also experience slow download speeds or connection issues due to low seeders or leechers on the network.

If you want to avoid these risks and drawbacks, you should consider some alternatives to torrenting Twixtor:

  • Buy Twixtor from the official website of RE:Vision Effects. This is the safest and most legal way to get Twixtor for Premiere Pro CS6. You will get a full-featured and updated version of Twixtor that works smoothly with your software. You will also get technical support and customer service from the owner.

  • Use a free or cheaper alternative to Twixtor. There are some other plugins or software that can create slow motion effects in Premiere Pro CS6, such as Optical Flow, Time Remapping, Speed/Duration, or After Effects. Some of them are free or cheaper than Twixtor, but they may have less features or quality than Twixtor. You can search online for reviews and comparisons of these alternatives and see which one suits your needs and budget.


Twixtor is a powerful plugin that can create stunning slow motion effects in Premiere Pro CS6. However, torrenting Twixtor is not a good idea, as it involves legal, security, and quality risks. You should either buy Twixtor from the official website or use a free or cheaper alternative to Twixtor. This way, you can enjoy the benefits of slow motion effects without the drawbacks of torrenting.


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