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Street Fighter Alpha 3 PSN

Street Fighter Alpha 3, released as Street Fighter Zero 3[a] in Japan, Asia, South America, and Oceania, is a 2D fighting game originally released by Capcom for the arcade in 1998. It is the third and final installment in the Street Fighter Alpha sub-series, which serves as a sequel to Street Fighter Alpha 2, and ran on the same CP System II hardware as previous Alpha games. The game was produced after the Street Fighter III sub-series has started, being released after 2nd Impact, but before 3rd Strike. Alpha 3 further expanded the playable fighter roster from Street Fighter Alpha 2 and added new features such as selectable fighting styles called "isms".

Street Fighter Alpha 3 PSN

One of the first console ports of the arcade game. Expansions from the original include new survival modes and the fan-favorite World Tour mode. Also known for inducting the remaining four fighters from the Street Fighter II sub-series, T. Hawk, Fei Long, Dee Jay and Guile, in addition to Evil Ryu and Shin Akuma from the previous Street Fighter Alpha, meaning every playable character in the entire series up to this point (except for the original characters from the previously released EX and III games) was present. But more was to come six years later, following the release of the PSP...

First, World Tour Mode enables gamers to play around the world against fighters in their homeland. It's an adventure mode that harks back to the early Street Fighter II days when players traveled to each new city and fought that territory's best fighter. With such a strong cast of characters, Capcom has certainly put the emphasis back on variety and depth. World Tour weaves power-ups, defensive and offensive strengths, and a choice of "Isms" into your travels with genius. For example, after beating Chun-Li, a power up such as "makes one strong against dizziness" might appear on your screen. You've now earned a new strength, and can add it to your list of skills, or exchange it for another more apt skill best used against a specific opponent. Changes of this kind are done in between fights. There are three Isms, too, each providing a different kind of super.

Graphics The 2D/3D debate has really ended, in my opinion. Three dimensional fighters have made their way into the world, and their strengths, mobility, 3D graphics, and realism, are all well founded. But fighting games started their great heritage in the 2D realm, and their qualities are equally as valid as those of 3D fighters. There is a place for both, and Street Fighter Alpha 3 exemplifies the best qualities of the 2D universe yet. With gorgeous, highly detailed anime-style animation, characters are as responsive as Jet Li in a bad mood. The game also contains perfectly tuned character balance set in an arena in which the z-axis doesn't need to exist. This perfectly honed world has its place in the fighting world, legitimately equal to any 3D fighter. This is easily the best looking Capcom fighter ever.

Backgrounds are, if you've played the arcade game, perfect. They are still flat 2D scenes, but they're the best ones ever, with multiple animated people, birds, cats, and little odds and ends that are charming and fresh. Chun Li's background, lined up with Shao Lin fighters practicing their moves over and over, is a perfect example of the beauty and movement in these rich environments.

Choose from 31 fighters both from across the franchise as well as a ton of new ones and fight it out in several different modes one of which is "World Tour" where you travel around the world and fight the local hero in their home town.

Introduction: The Street Fighter series has always been a huge name when it comes to fighting games. It's got tons of games in it now--they seem to go on forever. Street Fighter Alpha 3 features around 35 playable fighters, and a new World Tour mode. This game is one of the best SF's yet, and I'll tell you why. Pros: + The graphics in this are pure 2D goodness. Some of the smoothest animation ever in a fighting game, and the characters react quickly to your controls. It's great. An excellent conversion from arcade. Nothing to complain about here. 2D, but who says 2D can't be great? + New World Tour mode where you fight certain people in your character's hometown, and gain exp and levels like in an RPG. A lot of strategy is involved, and you basically just travel around fighting people, while making yourself stronger, and earning new combos. + New fighting styles. There are 3 main fighting styles in this game: X-ism, Y-ism, and A-ism. Each fighting style has its own combos, and attributes. X-ism is the most basic, and probably fit for beginners. If you're fighting with X-ism, your character has high defense, and has one big super combo. While some of the more complicated movies like air-blocks aren't possible, the power and defense make up for it. Y-ism is probably good for more experienced street fighters. With not just one super combo, but a few smaller combos, and one large one, gameplay has more variety. Your defense and power isn't as high as in X-ism, but you can perform more moves. A-ism is probably the most complicated of all the isms, and fit for more expert Street Fighters. You can create your own combos, and your defense and power are even less than they are in Y-ism. Now this is just a brief summary of all the isms. You have to play the game to really understand the strategy, and how they work. + Tons of characters--around 35 I think. Plus a few secret characters. From Blanka, to Ryu, to Ken, to some new people. Each character has their own combos, and throws, etc... And you will have a lot of fun mastering each one. Cons: - Some of the combos seem very hard to execute, even on X-ism. Sometimes I get frustrated with the game because I just can't do that combo! Of course it's like this with many fighting games, but in SFA3, it seems more difficult. Also, the combos aren't as big as in some other fighting games, and they might disappoint some people, because they're not as impressive as in some of the earlier SF's. Conclusion: Other than the few picky problems I mentioned, SFA3 is a great game. There's a lot more strategy to it than other fighting games, because of the fighting styles, and it's quite difficult. Nice graphics, lots of characters, new fighting styles, world tour mode...This game's got it all! It's even called the greatest fighter ever by some people. If you like fighting games, be sure to check this one out.

The player can block the opponents attacks, and in doing so will reduce the amount of damage dealt. Each fighter has a Guard Power Gauge, and whenever they block some of the gauge is depleted. When the gauge is empty, as the result of too much blocking, they will be stunned momentarily and be susceptible to a free attack, known as a Guard Crush. In addition to blocking, the player can use crouching and jumping techniques to avoid attack. An Alpha Counter is a technique where the player blocks an attack and performs a predetermined counter attack. Performing an Alpha Counter depletes the player's Guard Power Gauge slightly. Also, pressing a direction and any other button will slightly reduce the amount of damage taken from an attack.

Often considered the pinnacle of fighting games, 3rd Strike offers a demanding, deep and ultimately rewardinggameplay experience. Chun-Li joins Ryu, Ken and Akuma to create a roster of 19 nuanced fighters, while abrand-new dance & hip-hop-infused soundtrack provides an all-new sound for the series. 041b061a72


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