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The consumption of alcohol and other drugs consist in a complex problem in contemporary society. It is historically known, that the use of drugs has branded the existing relation among human beings, present in different contexts, with diverse objectives and motivations, such as medicine or poison, divine or demonized. Around 10% of the urban-center populations all around the world, independently from age, gender, level of education and social status, abusively consume psychoactive substances(1).

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The voice of the users reflects to the nature of healthcare, the treatment is seen as the construction of meeting opportunities capable of favoring rich and plural inter-subjectivities that bind, mutually, the world and the subject. It can be affirmed that it is a treatment that extrapolates the simplified technical procedure and it becomes an integral action, which has meaning, feelings towards the comprehension of health as a right to be and think(7), is to be careful with the differences of and between subjects presented in the reports of the collective discourse.

Based on colective discourses, we believ that CAPSad further the discussions on the real mission of the services for the population of users, and must reognize the dificulties and needs of this group. It is in this satge of contradictions and this tight rope called life that the user are constantly in balance, step by step, teir trajectories, sources of feeding to face the number of challenges in a world seldomly starred by them. It is in this tight rope of drug use that they show their joy for life and freedom, and also, catch a glimpse that it is possible to find other more dignified places and suitable to the complexity of drug use.


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