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What You Need to Know About Granta Magazine Free Pdf 40 macchina liquore mus: History, Content, and Format

Granta Magazine: The Home of New Writing

If you are looking for a literary magazine that offers the best new fiction, poetry, photography, and essays by famous authors, Nobel winners, and new voices, you should check out Granta Magazine. Granta is a prestigious and influential publication that has been around for more than a century, and has a reputation for discovering and promoting emerging writers from around the world. In this article, we will tell you what Granta Magazine is, how to get it, and why you should read it.

Granta Magazine Free Pdf 40 macchina liquore mus

What is Granta Magazine?

Granta Magazine is a quarterly literary magazine and publisher based in the United Kingdom. Its mission is to showcase the power and urgency of the story, both in fiction and non-fiction, and its ability to describe, illuminate, and make real. Granta publishes original and innovative writing that explores the most pressing issues of our time, such as conflict, identity, migration, environment, gender, politics, culture, and more.

History and mission

Granta was founded in 1889 by students at Cambridge University as The Granta, a periodical of student politics, badinage, and literary enterprise, named after the river that runs through the town. In its original incarnation, it published the work of writers like A.A. Milne, Michael Frayn, Stevie Smith, Ted Hughes, and Sylvia Plath. In 1979, it was relaunched as a modern literary magazine by Bill Buford, who introduced the concept of themed issues and brought international attention to the magazine. Since then, Granta has been edited by several notable figures in the literary world, such as Ian Jack, John Freeman, Sigrid Rausing, and currently Isabella Tree.

Granta's mission is to champion new writing of all kinds from writers both known and unknown. It seeks to provide a platform for writers who challenge conventional wisdom, push boundaries, and speak truth to power. It also aims to foster a global community of readers who share a passion for literature and storytelling.

Content and format

Granta publishes four issues a year, each with a different theme or focus. Some of the recent themes include Definitive Narratives of Escape (Granta 162), Sister Brother (Granta 161), Conflict (Granta 160), What Do You See? (Granta 159), In the Family (Granta 158), Should We Have Stayed at Home? New Travel Writing (Granta 157), Interiors (Granta 156), Best of Young Spanish-Language Novelists 2 (Granta 155), I've Been Away for a While (Granta 154), Second Nature (Granta 153), Still Life (Granta 152), Membranes (Granta 151), There Must Be Ways to Organise the World with Language (Granta 150), Europe Strangers in the Land (Granta 149), Summer Fiction (Granta 148), 40th-Birthday Special (Granta 147), The Politics of Feeling (Granta 146), Ghosts (Granta 145), genericlovestory (Granta 144), After the Fact (Granta 143), etc.

Each issue features a mix of fiction, non-fiction, poetry, photography, and essays by writers from different countries, backgrounds, and perspectives. Some of the writers who have contributed to Granta include Salman Rushdie, Zadie Smith, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Margaret Atwood, J.M. Coetzee, Kazuo Ishiguro, Alice Munro, Haruki Murakami, Raymond Carver, Joan Didion, David Foster Wallace, Hilary Mantel, Ian McEwan, Toni Morrison, Arundhati Roy, George Saunders, and many more. Granta also publishes special issues that highlight the best young novelists from different regions or languages, such as Britain, America, Brazil, Africa, India, Japan, China, Ireland, Spain, etc.

Awards and recognition

Granta has won several awards and accolades for its excellence in publishing and promoting new writing. Some of the awards include the National Magazine Award for Fiction (1985), the British Society of Magazine Editors Award for Editor of the Year (1988), the Utne Reader Alternative Press Award for International Coverage (1991), the London Book Fair Lifetime Achievement Award (2007), the British Book Industry Award for Imprint of the Year (2016), and the British Book Award for Small Press of the Year (2019). Granta has also been named as one of the best magazines in the world by Time, Esquire, The Guardian, The Observer, The Independent, The Times Literary Supplement, and others.

How to get Granta Magazine?

If you are interested in getting Granta Magazine, you have several options to choose from. You can subscribe to the print or digital edition of the magazine, access it online through its website or app, or download free pdf copies of some of its issues.

Subscription options

You can subscribe to Granta Magazine either as a print or digital edition. The print edition is delivered to your door four times a year and comes with a complimentary digital edition that you can access on any device. The digital edition is available as a PDF or an e-book that you can read on your computer, tablet, or smartphone. You can also opt for a combined print and digital subscription that gives you both formats at a discounted price.

The subscription rates vary depending on your location and the duration of your subscription. For example, if you are in the UK, you can get a one-year print subscription for 39.95 ($54.76), a one-year digital subscription for 29.95 ($41.06), or a one-year combined subscription for 49.95 ($68.46). If you are in the US or Canada, you can get a one-year print subscription for $69.95 (51.05), a one-year digital subscription for $49.95 (36.51), or a one-year combined subscription for $79.95 (58.40). If you are in Europe or elsewhere in the world, you can get a one-year print subscription for 69.95 (59.76) or $79.95 (58.40), a one-year digital subscription for 49.95 (42.68) or $59.95 (43.77), or a one-year combined subscription for 89.95 (76.84) or $99.95 (73). You can also subscribe for two years or more and save up to 25% on the regular price.

You can subscribe to Granta Magazine online through its website, by phone at +44 (0)1795 592 972 (UK) or +1 800 958 1285 (US/Canada), by email at (UK) or (US/Canada), or by mail at Granta Publications Ltd., 12 Addison Avenue, London W11 4QR (UK) or Granta Magazine, PO Box 3000, Denville NJ 07834-3000 (US/Canada).

Online access

issues and read selected pieces from each one. You can also search by author, genre, theme, or keyword. The app allows you to download and read the digital edition of the magazine on your iOS device. You can also access exclusive content and features, such as audio readings, interactive images, and bookmarks.

To access Granta Magazine online, you need to register for a free account on its website or app. You can also sign up for its newsletter to get updates on new writing and offers. If you are a subscriber to the print or digital edition of the magazine, you can log in with your email address and customer number to access the full archive of issues and online content.

Free pdf downloads

If you want to get Granta Magazine for free, you can download pdf copies of some of its issues from various websites that offer free ebooks and magazines. However, these websites may not be legal or safe, and may contain viruses or malware that can harm your device or data. Therefore, we do not recommend this option and advise you to use caution when downloading anything from unknown sources.

Some of the websites that claim to offer free pdf downloads of Granta Magazine are,,,,, etc. However, we cannot guarantee the quality, accuracy, or legality of these downloads, and we suggest you to verify them before opening or using them.

Why read Granta Magazine?

Now that you know what Granta Magazine is and how to get it, you may wonder why you should read it. Here are some of the reasons why Granta Magazine is worth your time and attention:

Discover new voices and perspectives

Granta Magazine is a great source of discovering new writers and stories from different parts of the world. Granta has a reputation for spotting and nurturing talent, and has introduced many writers who later became famous or influential, such as Salman Rushdie, Kazuo Ishiguro, Zadie Smith, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, etc. Granta also publishes writers who are not well-known or widely available in English, such as Olga Tokarczuk, Valeria Luiselli, Yoko Ogawa, Sayaka Murata, etc. By reading Granta Magazine, you can expand your literary horizons and enjoy diverse voices and perspectives that may challenge or inspire you.

Enjoy diverse genres and styles

Granta Magazine is also a great source of enjoying diverse genres and styles of writing. Granta publishes fiction, non-fiction, poetry, photography, and essays that cover a wide range of topics and themes. You can find stories that are realistic or fantastical, historical or futuristic, humorous or tragic, personal or political, etc. You can also find writing that is experimental or conventional, lyrical or plain, short or long, etc. By reading Granta Magazine, you can appreciate the variety and richness of literary expression and form.

Learn about the world and yourself

Iran, etc. You can also find stories that reflect on the human condition and experience, such as love, loss, memory, family, identity, etc. By reading Granta Magazine, you can learn more about the world and yourself, and develop a deeper understanding and empathy for others.


In conclusion, Granta Magazine is a literary magazine that publishes the best new writing from around the world. It offers a platform for writers who challenge, inspire, and entertain readers with their stories. It also offers a window for readers who want to discover new voices and perspectives, enjoy diverse genres and styles, and learn about the world and themselves. If you are looking for a literary magazine that has something for everyone, you should give Granta Magazine a try.


Here are some of the frequently asked questions about Granta Magazine:

  • How often does Granta Magazine come out?

Granta Magazine comes out four times a year, usually in March, June, September, and December.

  • How can I submit my writing to Granta Magazine?

Granta Magazine accepts unsolicited submissions of fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and photography. You can submit your work online through its website You can also check its submission guidelines and deadlines on its website

  • How can I contact Granta Magazine?

You can contact Granta Magazine by email at (for editorial queries), (for subscription queries), (for general queries), or by phone at +44 (0)20 7605 1360. You can also follow Granta Magazine on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and SoundCloud.

  • How can I support Granta Magazine?

You can support Granta Magazine by subscribing to its print or digital edition, buying its books or merchandise, donating to its fund for new writing, sharing its content with your friends and family, or writing a review or feedback about it.

  • What are some of the other literary magazines similar to Granta Magazine?

The Believer, Ploughshares, n+1, etc. 71b2f0854b


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