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Crossy Road: простая, чистая и инновационная игра в жанре казуальных платформеров на андроид

Where Disney Crossy Road does mix things is with its characters. Bringing in Disney stars from all manner of movies, each one is a beautifully blocky representation of a familiar face. Starting with Mickey Mouse himself, I am treated to the typical road crossing gameplay: trying to hop through busy traffic, work my way around trees, and using logs to cross rivers.

crossy road скачать на андроид


Mod V2 features:Unlimited gold coinCrossy Brakes: Blocky Road Fun v1.0.7 is an exciting mobile game that promises endless hours of entertainment.The game features blocky graphics and challenging gameplay that will keep players engaged.In this game, players are required to navigate through a busy road by jumping, sliding, and dodging obstacles in their way.The mod version of the game provides gamers with unlimited gold coins, allowing them to unlock new characters and vehicles.With its addictive gameplay and unique graphics, Crossy Brakes: Blocky Road Fun v1.0.7 is a must-try for anyone looking for a fun game to play on their mobile devices.

Mod V6 features:Unlimited MoneyIf you are a fan of endless runner games with a twist, Crossy Brakes: Blocky Road FunMod APK 1.0.7 Unlimited Money is a game worth checking out.This game has an interesting concept where you play as a car navigating through traffic and obstacles on a blocky road.The twist here is that you can brake your car and switch lanes to avoid obstacles and collect coins.You can even upgrade your car and unlock new vehicles using the unlimited money feature.Overall, Crossy Brakes offers a unique take on the endless runner genre and is sure to provide hours of fun gameplay.


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