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Where To Buy Food Grade Lubricant !!LINK!!

This long-lasting food grade grease is nonmelting and provides constant protection for high-temp bearing applications. Bearings operating in or near heat-generating equipment are subject to temperatures that cause ordinary greases to melt and run, leaving critical bearing surfaces unprotected. H1 Quinplex High Temperature Lubricant is a clay-thickened grease designed to withstand high temperatures, staying in place to provide constant lubrication. It also resists oxidation and vaporization, and repels water. NSF H1 certified, it is a suitable lubricant for use in food processing and other sensitive environments. By ensuring longer lubrication intervals and fewer bearing failures, H1 Quinplex High Temperature Lubricant helps contribute to increased production and a healthier bottom line.

where to buy food grade lubricant

Typical Applications: High-temperature applications where an NSF H1 registered food grade product should be used, including pellet mills, kilns, exhaust fans, oven conveyors, and plastic blow molding machines.

Typical Applications: Any area where a penetrating and lubricating oil suitable for incidental food contact is required, including bottling and canning equipment, food processing machinery, slides, cams, chains and other machine surfaces

H1 Silicone Spray is a great H1 food grade silicone-based aerosol spray for use on machine parts and equipment in locations in which there is potential exposure of the lubricated part to food. Available in an aerosol can.

Typical Applications: Equipment where incidental food contact may occur, including: slides, guides, chains, conveyor chains, valves, bearings, gearboxes, open gears, and worm gear applications

Ovenworx H1 Syn Chain Lubricant was formulated specifically to combat the demanding conditions present with oven chain applications by offering superior heat resistance. In addition, it is approved for incidental food contact and contains no artificial dyes, making it a good choice for food manufacturing plants needing superior heat resistance. Oven chain efficiency is dependent upon a lubricant that can keep the chain operating freely and smoothly, fighting the ever present heat and moisture that can cause corrosion and eventually lead to premature failure of oven chain pins and bushings. Only the most robust lubricant formulations can perform in this application; it is not an area to cut corners. If the oven chain fails, output comes to a screeching halt.

Typical Applications: Bearings, bushings, slides, guides, chains, compressors, valves, vacuum pumps, and hydraulic systems used in food processing equipment and other applications requiring a food grade or nonstaining lubricant.

H1 White Utility Oil is an NSF H1 registered general purpose lubricant for use where incidental food contact can occur. It is a food and USP grade white mineral oil containing no additives. It is suggested for preventing rust after washdown operations. In addition to food manufacturing uses, it can be used for textile applications where a non-staining oil is required like spindle oil and needle oil applications. H1 White Utility Oil is not for use where rust & oxidation (R & O), anti-wear (AW) or extreme pressure (EP) oils are required.

JAX is a US-based industrial lubricant manufacturer with expertise formulating high-performance synthetic lubricants, fleet and heavy-duty lubricants, industrial lubricants and biodegradable and food-grade lubricants. Since 1955, JAX has earned a worldwide reputation as a leader in emerging lubrication technology.

This line is widely used in a variety of food processing operations as well as the manufacturing of drugs and cosmetics. These lubricants meet the most stringent standards of purity and performance and can be categorized into two groups:

H1 lubricants are food grade lubricants used in the food and beverage industry. In this area, very special requirements are placed on the lubricating oils and greases used. In the manufacturing process of food and beverages, contact with the lubricants used can often not be avoided from a technical point of view. Thus, they must be safe to use.

In addition, the specialty lubricants must guarantee a smooth manufacturing process, meet the high technical requirements of the machines and be able to keep production efficiency at a constant level. All of this with additional consideration of food safety during the entire production process.

An excellent lubricant for use on processing equipment in all types of food and food-related industries where incidental food contact may occur. FOOD GRADE SILICONE stops sticking, squeaking, and binding of moving parts. It's an excellent release agent and will not gum, melt, freeze, become rancid, or form unwanted residues. FOOD GRADE SILICONE leaves a clear film that is moisture resistant, long-wearing, odorless, colorless, non-toxic, and non-staining. Flammable by Flame Extension Test.

Keg lube is a food grade, waterproof lubricant that is safe for use on all keg o-rings, as well as o-rings and other parts on your draft system. It helps to create better seals between the o-rings on your kegs and the metal surface parts, ensuring a better seal. If you have leaks somewhere on your keg, a good first step in stopping the leaks is to hit your o-rings with a little keg lube. Keg lube also helps to prolong the life of your o-rings by keeping them lubricated so that they don't get dry and cracked as soon.

Schaeffer's uses advanced food grade additives and FDA-approved base oils.They all meet USDA 1998 H-1 Guidelines and are NSF Registered. Made with the best quality 100% pure paraffin, highly refined PAO and/or synthetic base oils to protect your equipment.

A food-grade lubricant (oil or grease) certified NSF H1 or INS must meet specific criteria relating to food compatibility. It is susceptible to come into accidental contact with the food being produced, following a leak, overflow or a lubrication fault, and this with total safety for the food produced.

A heavy duty sanitary lubricant with extended performance, low friction properties. This lubricant is designed for longer lubrication intervals, eliminating downtime to re-lubricating o-rings and seals. It also helps prevent leaks from your kegging equipment. Keg couplers and party pumps last longer and work better with regular application of a sanitary, non-toxic lube and because you're serving beer, it has to be food grade. Lubricants like this one are specially made to meet all USDA guidelines.

Lubricants used in production processes offer the possibility of cross-contamination into food. The growing concern for food-safe lubricants raises questions about whether food safety regulations and standards also apply to food-grade lubricants and how food manufacturers meet operational requirements without introducing new chemical hazards.

In the U.S., products must be formulated in accordance with Title 21 Code of Federal Regulations (21CFR) 178.3570. Or the ingredients in the lubricant must be listed as safe in (21CFR) 178.3570 where there is a list of acceptable components including oils, antioxidants, surfactants, etc., along with use limitations. Another option to comply with the regulation could be through an approved contact notification from the FDA.

European Union (EU): In the EU the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) provides advice on food safety risks and publishes scientific opinions on certain compounds (e.g., mineral oils). Today there is no formal EU regulation for lubricants like there is in the U.S. Typically the U.S. compliance requirements are accepted in the EU.

Australia: In the past, the Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service (AQIS) operated a program similar to the one in Canada, reviewing and listing products as compliant and mirroring the U.S. criteria for ingredient review. In Australia lubricants with incidental contact are called Lubricants Type A. Two years ago they also suspended their acceptance review program and are no longer adding products to their list of accepted foods.

Asia-Pacific. Several Asia-Pacific countries are strengthening their food safety regulations and expanding laws for food processing. In time more countries in the region may start to focus further on the lubricant sector, but no regulations exist now.

Urschelube is the Urschel brand of FDA/NSF/USDA H-1 food grade lubricants. Urschelube products are recommended for use in Urschel cutting machinery and may be used in other industrial equipment in food processing plants or pharmaceutical plants requiring NSF H1 registered food grade grease or oil. Routine use of Urschelube lubricants will greatly extend the life of your Urschel equipment and reduce the cost of maintenance.Working extensively with Urschel Laboratories, Inc., Urschelube food grade lubricants are manufactured and packaged by High Performance Lubricants LLC. Urschelube food grade lubricants meet the FDA CFR Title 21 regulatory requirement as manufactured by High Performance Lubricants.

Allergens: All our lubricants are allergen free.Baking Applications: Nye has designed synthetic lubricants for the extreme low and high temperatures of baking processing and handling equipment. These NSF certified lubricants address the issues of food safety, maintenance down-time, extensive wear and continuous production lines by reducing friction and wear, extending component life, and reducing premature application failure. Learn more about our lubricant solutions for baking mixers, dough proofers, ovens and chillers by visiting our Baking Industry Page. Custom Formulations: In addition to products listed below, Nye can work directly with you to formulate new synthetic lubricants for your food processing and handling equipment, ensuring the new formulations use FDA recognized raw materials. We can also register new formulations with NSF. 041b061a72


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