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Kundli Chakra 2014 Professional Full Version !LINK!

Kundli Chakra 2012 gives you a complete solution of Vedic Astrology to generate professional reports and quickly analyse and predict horoscope of clients and others.Main Features:-Horoscope: Planet position, Detailed Birthdetails, Moon & Navamsa Chart, Chalit Chart, Sudarshan chakra, Shodash Varga, Aspects of planets, Karaka Awastha, Tara Chakra, Ashtak Varga, Sarvashtak Varga, Trikon Shodhan, Shadbala, Bhavabala, Vimsopak Bala (Shadvarga, Saptavarga, Dashvarga, Shodashvarga), Naisargik, Tatkalik, Pachda maitri, Upgrahas & Arudha..etcVimshottari Dasha (antar, pratyanta, sooksham), Yogini Dasha, Aaditya Dasha, Lagnam Dasha

kundli chakra 2014 professional full version

Jaimini System: Arudha Chart, Aspects, Argala Vichar, Planetary Argalas, Char Karakas, Karkamsa, Char/Gemini Dasha etc.Varshphal Charts, Positions & Predictions for 120 yearsKP pages : planet positon, houses position, Bhava karaka, Graha Significators, Ruling planets etcLal Kitab Charts/reportsLal Kitab based Varsphal charts/reportsNumerology with predictions (Character, Finance, Vocation, Health, Marriage & Friends, Husband, Wife, Fotunate Days, Lucky Colours/ Jewels/ Stones, Important Years, Drawbacks etc.S.P.S. System: SPS System worksheets provides special charts, planet significators and dasha system etc to quickly predict horoscope.- Sarvato Bhadra Chakra: Interactive sarvato bhadra chakra with natal and transit position to quickly study all vedha combinations and predict quickly the stock movements and other financial studies. Clicking on the nakshatra gives full details of vedha formed, also each planets details given on the same chart. All study at one place. You can also move the planets of Birth Chart or Transit Chart in Sarvato Bhadra Chakra easily as per your requirement or can even refresh the transit automatically with real time.


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