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To enter your own metadata and tags, you need the right tool. An online search will turn up many free WAV and MP3-tag editing tools that will open the audio file header and display a form into which you can fill in the information. For more advanced work there is music editing and processing software, which also prompts you to add metadata to the file when you save the file as a WAV or an MP3. Some audio processing software will even carry that same metadata forward; if you add metadata to a WAV file and then make an MP3 version from that WAV, the MP3 file will inherit the same metadata that you put into the WAV.

Audio Tools Archives | SeeratPC

This site is concerned with the formats associated with media-independent digital content, i.e., content that is typically managed as files and which is generally not dependent upon a particular physical medium. It is not concerned with the formats associated with media-dependent digital content, i.e., formats that are dependent upon and inextricably linked to physical media, e.g., DVDs, audio CDs, and videotape formats like DigiBeta. It identifies and describes the formats that are promising for long-term sustainability, and develops strategies for sustaining these formats including recommendations pertaining to the tools and documentation needed for their management.

The ICRC archives collect and preserve ICRC documents dating from the organization's inception to the present day, and make them available for research. The ICRC's historical archives comprise 6,700 linear metres of textual records and a collection of photographs, films and other audio archives.

In practice, the problem with sending a project to someone else is its size. At Audacity's default 32-bit float sample format / 44,100 Hz sample rate using lossless uncompressed audio, stereo Projects take 20 MB of space per minute, which rules out sending projects by email. You may wish to send the project in a compressed .zip archive. Free Windows tools to create .zip archives include 7-Zip or IZArc. Free Mac tools include Keka or Apple's built-in compression utility. Zip compression is lossless, so does not reduce the space on disk very much. 041b061a72


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