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Nokia Logo

Remember Nokia? Once the king of mobile phones, the brand was overtaken by the likes of Apple and Samsung after the advent of the smartphone. And now, to signal a shift away from mobile phones, Nokia has unveiled a radically new logo.

nokia logo

Revealed before the official start of Mobile World Congress Barcelona this week, the new logo does away with Nokia's iconic typeface and navy blue colourway, replaced with a much lighter series of disembodied shapes. And the whole thing is reminding the internet of another recent (and much derided) rebrand. Looking for design inspiration? Check out the best logos of all time.

The updated logo was developed with consulting firm Lippincott as part of Nokia's wider rebranding strategy to reflect itself as "a B2B technology innovation leader realising the potential of digital in every industry".

Other redesigned logos recently featured on Dezeen include beverage company PepsiCo's "uplifting" rebrand of soft drink 7Up and an updated logo for British heritage brand Burberry that references a motif created for the brand over 100 years ago.

After Pekka Lundmark took over Nokia's telecom equipment arm, the CEO laid out a three-phase plan - reset, accelerate and scale. With the first part of the plan over, Nokia will now focus on accelerating and it's changing its logo for the first time in 60 years to signal the strategy shift.

For the first time in nearly six decades, Nokia has a new look. The telecom equipment giant has unveiled a redesigned logo that coincides with, and represents, the company's plans for "aggressive growth," Reuters reports. The new logo swaps the classic blue with a range of colors, and features five unique shapes forming the word Nokia. The old logo made people think of smartphones, CEO Pekka Lundmark told Reuters, while the new look and feel signifies that Nokia has emerged as a "business technology company."

Although Nokia introduced a new company logo in February 2023, this logo will continue to be used on Nokia's licensed products, such as the Nokia-branded mobile phones being manufactured by HMD Global.

The logo update comes before Mobile World Congress(Opens in a new window) (MWC) in Barcelona, which starts on Monday and runs until March 2. Nokia-branded phones are still being sold and developed by partner company HMD Globall, which unveiled the Nokia G22 just this week. But Nokia itself has long since moved away from manufacturing phones.

The company on Thursday published a YouTube video showing how it used software to render a 3D version of its logo, which was then transmitted to a 3D printer. The 3D printer was outfitted with liquid chocolate and created what the company is calling "#Chokia."

Acting as a sharp contrast to the rest of the tech industry, the revised logo will generally be seen as white against a kaleidoscope palette of colours. Its new visual features allow it to be dynamic, digital-friendly and optimised for motion.

BARCELONA (Reuters) - Nokia (NYSE:NOK) announced plans on Sunday to change its brand identity for the first time in nearly 60 years, complete with a new logo, as the telecom equipment maker focuses on aggressive growth.

Refreshing our brand. Our new visual identity captures Nokia as we are today, with renewed energy and commitment as pioneers of digital transformation. We built on the heritage of the previous logo, but made it feel more contemporary and digital, to reflect our current identity.

Although her primary niche is in scientific writing and editing, freelance writer Lisa Martin is also a creative type with an eye for design. She regularly works alongside graphic designers and as such has a keen interest in the development of logos and branding.

Lloyd Mathias, Business Strategist and former marketing head of HP Asia, says that it is interesting that Nokia has changed its logo after decades. At the same time, Mathias believes that it will mean very little, until Nokia transforms its entire business model.

Nokia has had a new logo since Sunday evening. The company wants to fundamentally change its external image and no longer be perceived as a cell phone brand. The new logo is also intended to look more contemporary than the previous one.

However, those who want to purchase a Nokia smartphone will most likely continue to see the old logo. Devices sold under the Nokia brand name have not been manufactured by Nokia for some time now. The trademark rights in this area were sold to HMD Global, a company founded by former Nokia executives. However, these devices advertised under the Nokia name have nothing to do with the company of the same name beyond that.

Today there are many corporations, products, brands, services, agencies and other entities using an ideogram (sign, icon) or an emblem (symbol) or a combination of sign and emblem as a logo. However, only a few ideograms people see are recognized without a brand name, such as the Starbucks logo or the Nike Swoosh, and these are now some of the most famous logos in the world.

Nokia, the Finnish telecommunications giant, is known for its iconic logo that has remained unchanged for nearly six decades. However, the company has recently announced that it will be changing its logo for the first time since 1967.

The new logo is made up of different shapes that come together to form the word "Nokia". The logo no longer has the canonical blue color. It is versatile and can be used in different colors and combinations, depending on the context and application. 041b061a72


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