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Mob Psycho 100 II Episode 6

While he might act especially scummy this episode, Reigen sure is fun to watch! The animators take even more cartoonish license with him than usual, playfully twisting and smearing his body and facial expressions with an exuberance befitting his personality. He's a showman through and through, and that's all he has left to rely on with Mob taking his deserved sabbatical. His professional modus operandi honestly doesn't change much, but this episode's novelty lies in the glimpse we get into his private life. And it's about as sad as you'd expect from a grown-up who primarily hangs out with a teen boy and a ghost. The reversal of his fortune is straight out of the sitcom textbook; he expects Mob to come crawling back to him, but he's the one dodging out of sight when a perfectly content Mob saunters down the street smiling with his friends.

Mob Psycho 100 II Episode 6

This was another real good episode. It continues down the path of Mob questioning his initial decision to not rely on his powers in his normal life by introducing a character who represents a potential final destination for Mob himself if just embraces his powers above all else.

Reigen seemed to be the one with more to lose this time around, and it affected him quite a bit. At first he was a bit down, and it being his birthday with zero people around to celebrate with just made it worse. His own mother put even more pressure on him when she sent him a message with a job flyer for a position we saw him quit 4 years ago at the beginning of the episode. Quite the slap in the face, if you think about it. Thankfully, he turned this rut into quite the positive spin. 041b061a72


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