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Adobe Acrobat 70 Professional Serial No ((INSTALL))

Your Gibson Les Paul guitar, if vintage, was made between 1961 and 1963 or 1968 to 1969. Gibson Les Paul Serial number ranges here can be tricky since Gibson reused the serial range multiple times through out the 1960s. You would probably benefit from having a professional take a look at your guitar. I would love to take a look. Click the Contact Me Button (lower right of your browser) to send me a message about your guitar. Gibson didn't make the Les Paul line from 1964 until 1968, but these serial number ranges will work for the SG guitars made in the 1960s as well. Here's how to date a Gibson Les Paul with six digits or less serial number impressed like the guitar on the right with no Made In USA stamp.

Adobe Acrobat 70 Professional Serial No


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