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The Waqt - Race Against Time Man 3 Hd Movie _VERIFIED_ Download

Shah said he felt the film's title suits its theme perfectly, saying "Waqt is called The Race Against Time because there is a target that both father and son have set out to achieve, and for that they've got limited time. So there really is a race against the clock. If they don't achieve their targets in that time, life will take a very disastrous turn. They each have their own target."[8] The film was produced by Shah under his production company Blockbuster Movie Entertainers and was presented by Manmohan Shetty's company Entertainment One and Kishore Lulla and Sunil Lulla's company Eros International.[3][9] It was the first major co-production for Eros International.[10]

the Waqt - Race Against Time man 3 hd movie download


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