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Where Can I Buy A Flagpole

Nothing gives you a sense of patriotic pride quite like seeing heavy-duty commercial flagpoles flying flags in front of your business, office, or place of worship. And nothing sends a more positive message to your customers and potential new customers. People love seeing a large American flag flying in the wind. And whether they realize it or not, it creates goodwill toward your organization.

where can i buy a flagpole

For many businesses, the optimum location will be a prominent one, often front and center of a building. For others it might be beside the building. Whatever your choice, there are a few things to keep in mind as you decide where to place your symbol of this great country.

Next, the strength of your flagpole will have a major impact on pricing. As you can imagine, the stronger it is, the more aluminum will have been used in its construction and therefore the more expensive it will be. Flagpole strength is measured by the wind speed rating. The stronger the pole, the higher the wind speed rating. Fortunately, determining the ideal flagpole strength for your location is a pretty straight-forward process. You simply consult a wind speed chart and find your area of the country. That will give you the minimum wind speed rating for your area as recommended by engineers. Once you have these three, key pieces of information - municipal height restrictions (if any), your budget, and wind speed rating, selecting your pole is a simple matter of choosing one - whether internal halyard or external halyard, that meets all three requirements.

Once you have verified that the pole is in good condition you can store it in preparation for installation. If it will be stored indoors, you do not need to remove the paper until you are ready to install the pole. If however, the pole will be left outside prior to installation, you should remove the paper covering on the pole. This is due to the risk of rain, which if it gets to the paper wrapping on your pole can stain the metal. Due to the rough, brushed texture of your flagpole, it can be difficult to clean once this staining occurs.

The heavy-duty telescopic flagpoles have a 3 joint construction. The extra joint allows the poles to rise higher than the light-duty. These are rolled from a 12-gauge metal which is considerably thicker.

For example, you can add solar lights, flagpole toppers, and even a Christmas light tree installation. For an idea of how Titan telescopic flag poles look, check out our photo gallery to see what is possible.

We are a flag and flagpole sales and installation company. When you choose to have a flagpole for your home or business, it is very important to hire a company that doesn't cut corners. Flagpole installation is all we do, and we do it right. We install internal halyard, external halyard and nautical flagpoles, from 20' to 80' in height.

We are a small business with the abiliity to adabt to your situational needs. Our home base is Hardy Virginia, right outside of Roanoke. We can install flag poles anywhere in Virginia. Call us, and we will schedule a flagpole installation at your convenience.

Our commercial flagpole shafts come with a limited lifetime warranty. This means our flagpoles have wind ratings. They are guaranteed to stand up against wind equal to that rating for the life of the pole.

We carry "American Made" flags, flagpoles, and accessories. We are contacted often from companies in china wanting us to use their flagpoles. I can't. Even if the poles are less expensive. Our flagpoles are made right here in Virginia. Our traditional flagpole is called "Architectural Elite Series". Of course it is built with the best material available; but, what sets our supplier apart from other manufacturers is the quality of the moving parts, and efficient truck pulley design. All of our flagpoles comes standard with a golden ball ornament, cleat, halyard, snaps and covers. Some manufacturers call the ornament as an upgrade. When you purchase a flagpole from us, you get the complete package. The ball ornament on top of the pole, to the sleeve in the ground. Your only job is to pick out the perfect flag, and we supply the flag also. We have installed flagpoles all over Virginia. Roanoke, Salem, Vinton, Blackburg, Riner, Smith Mountain Lake, and as far noth as Arlington. Call Mike for the perfect flagpole, installed right. (540) 915-6533

No, but be aware that council approval is required in Australia for flagpoles more than 10m tall even if they fly a national flag, any nation, not just Australia. Of course if you are flying business related flags rather than the National flag then the council will consider the flags signage and council permission will be required. Simply put, poles under 10m tall don't need council approval, but the flag you fly might.

There is no right or wrong answer here. If in doubt look at the flagpoles as you drive around town and when you see one you think looks right, find out how tall it is, if necessary, run a tape measure up the halyard rope! Another good trick is to print a digital photo of your house and draw a flagpole on it in the spot you would like to put the pole and to a size that looks good, then scale the height of the pole and you have your answer!

A tapered pole is simply one where the tip is a smaller diameter than the base or butt of the pole. Tapered poles look better, but take more effort to make, so they are more expensive. Poles over 6m can suffer from a resonant vibration caused by vortex shedding at specific windspeeds when the pole diameter is constant. By changing the diameter of the pole, the windspeed changes at which various parts of the pole want to vibrate, so tapered poles do not suffer as much from resonant harmonics and this is why we don't make many untapered poles taller than 6m.

Also known as sectional flagpoles because the pole arrives in sections that you piece together, residential flagpoles are meant for permanent placement but can be taken down for easy maintenance or bad weather. When you assemble these units, they take on a seamless appearance to look like one piece of metal.

Commercial flagpoles are large, heavy-duty products that are meant to stay in place indefinitely. While there are commercial flagpoles that measure hundreds of feet tall to complement the larger buildings of businesses, there are also commercial-grade poles that are small enough to use within residential areas.

A smaller, portable flagpole that uses a stake for placement in the ground can cost as little as $75, while a more robust flagpole that can be ground-mounted or held in place with a car tire costs around $220.

Telescopic flagpoles are popular for their ease of use. As such, there are many brands and models from which to choose, at a wide range of construction qualities and prices. You can buy an entry-level telescopic flagpole from a hardware store for as little as $65. If you want one that will last longer thanks to high-quality materials, you should expect to pay $350 to $600 for a kit that includes a flagpole, finial, and flag.

Commercial-grade flagpoles are available as sectional kits or one-piece designs. One-piece designs are the most expensive to purchase due to increased transportation costs (it can be quite tricky to ship a 20 to 25-foot long pole!)

Depending on the area where you live, you may have access to professional flagpole installers. If you live in a smaller town or just want a different option, you may also contact a local handyperson to install the flagpole for you.

Considering the effort that goes into installing a flagpole, the long-lasting results of a job well-done (or not so well-done), and the relatively low cost to have a professional do the work, it makes most sense to have a pro handle this project.

Butt Diameter & Wall ThicknessButt diameter and wall thickness are two critical aspects to your flagpole's structural integrity, stability, and ability to stand up to high winds:

The chart details maximum wind gusts in the different regions of the U.S. When you select your flagpole, please consider the conditions for your local environment and remember that your flagpole's wind ratings are for when there is no flag flying.This information is intended for use when purchasing an in-ground installed flagpole only.

FLAGPOLE MATERIALThe material of a flagpole refers to the type of material used in its construction. Our flagpoles are available in three materials: aluminum, gel-coated fiberglass, and steel. Aluminum is the most commonly used metal for flagpoles because it is lighter than steel, will not rust like steel, and works well in both commercial and residential settings. See below for the benefits of the different flagpole materials:

Halyard System refers to the location of the rope or wire that allows the flag to be raised and lowered. When choosing a design for your flagpole display, halyard placement should be an important consideration.

Internal Halyard SystemsAn Internal Halyard System is when the flagpole rope or wire cable system, used to raise and lower the flag, is inside the flagpole and not readily accessible.

The type of installation you select may be influenced by your location, civic ordinances/restrictions, and the aesthetic look you desire for your display. Ground Set, Shoe Base, Hinge-Base, and Wall-Mount are all options for your flagpole installation.

Now that you have a sturdy outdoor flagpole, it's time to raise your flag. Instead of trying to follow a tutorial, call Better Buy Flag for flagpole installation. We know how to prep your yard and insert your flagpole without damaging your grass or landscape.

The fine sight of a flag happily flying from the heck presupposes a flagpole of course. We have flagpoles in various sizes and materials for you to choose from. It depends on the type and style of your boat whether you choose a chrome or teak flagpole.

Flagpoles made of chromed brass provide a chic alternative for aluminium variants. We have a chrome flagpole for rail mounting and a flagpole with base in our collection. A fixed flagpole base is an easy way for you to position or remove your flagpole at any time. Lengths vary between 35 and 100 centimetres; diameters vary between ø 1.3 to ø 2.5 centimetres. 041b061a72


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