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Miss Cheyenne !NEW!

"I think what I miss the most is being able to hug her and being able to say how proud I am of her," she says, her voice breaking and tears welling in her eyes. "I miss hearing people tell me how impressed they are."

miss cheyenne


Mandie is entering her third year as chairman of Cheyenne County Young Miss. This program has had a special place in her heart since she was crowned Cheyenne County Young Miss, 2009. Stepping into the role of chairman last year is something Mandie did not take lightly; she and her team knocked it out of the ballpark. Mandie is a successful business owner, mother of two (Karsen & Owen), wife (to Jared), daughter, and friend. The sacrifice she makes each year to support the contestants of Cheyenne County Young miss is not something she takes lightly, and we are very grateful for her. Mandie and her team would like to say a heartfelt thank you to all the fantastic people who make this program possible. Mandie feels so blessed to live in such a kind and generous community that give through time, meals, donations, and support. To the next Cheyenne County Young Miss, I hope that you find the experience just as fulfilling and rewarding as I did. I wish you the best of luck! 041b061a72


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