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[S2E10] One Man's Treasure

Xaro hosts a lavish reception for Daenerys in his gardens to introduce her around to Qarth's social elites, and showers her with gifts. Later that night, he shows her his massive treasure vault which is impossible to open without the key he always wears around his neck. Inside is his enormous fortune which he promises to divide with her if she will marry him. Xaro informs Daenerys that news has reached Qarth that King Robert Baratheon is dead, and the subsequent outbreak of the War of the Five Kings which is tearing Westeros apart. Daenerys learns that the major noble Houses which played an active role in deposing House Targaryen are now fighting each other: Robb Stark is fighting the Lannisters, and the Baratheons have been split between Robert's two younger brothers, Stannis and Renly.[1]

[S2E10] One Man's Treasure

Daenerys later escapes from the House of the Undying after retrieving her dragons and with her men invades Xaro's house where she finds Xaro in bed with Doreah, revealing that she had in fact betrayed Daenerys and her dragons to Xaro and Pyat Pree. Xaro and Doreah plead for their lives, with Xaro promising to get her ships to invade Westeros. Using the circular key pendant, the treasure vault is opened and found to be empty, his enormous wealth a lie to cling on to his power and seat. Ignoring their pleas, Daenerys has Xaro and Doreah locked inside the vault and leaves them to die, and Daenerys and her people ransack Xaro's house of all its gold and precious items, which Ser Jorah says will be enough to buy a small ship.[7]

While moto-crossing with Pete, Clark falls into a cave and discovers two hidden treasures - ancient Indian writings that hold the key to his identity, and a beautiful girl whom he believes to be (potentially) his soulmate. Desperate to preserve the writings, Clark pits father against son as he enlists Lex's help to stop Lionel's construction crew from demolishing the cave.

At the mansion, Sheriff Miller tells Lionel that Joseph Willowbrook has been involved in civil disobedience before, so they are investigating him in connection with the foreman's death. Lionel laments to Martha that he didn't do this project in Granville. Lionel asks Lex to be his partner in the office park, but Lex refuses.

At the Talon, Joseph and Kyla thank Clark for raising the money and getting Joseph out of jail so quickly. Martha arrives to express her regret that Joseph has gotten mixed up in the murder investigation. Joseph is adamant that he has been set up, and he is offended that Martha continues to defend LuthorCorp. At the Smallville Torch, Chloe tells Clark that the autopsy report revealed that the foreman was bitten by a wolf. Wolves have been extinct in Smallville for 90 years, but Joseph's tribe, the Kawatche, translates to "skinwalker", a reference to a Native American legend that humans can transform into animals. While sitting in her car in the parking lot of the LuthorCorp plant, Martha Kent is attacked by a wolf. She is frightened but not injured. Clark tells his dad that he has real feelings for Kyla, but he suspects she knows more about the foreman's death than she claims.

Jin Ho-gyeong takes a risk to protect Jinyowon and its treasures from attack. Having had a glimpse into the future, Uk braces for the inevitable.[ ALCHEMY OF SOULS PART 2: LIGHT & SHADOW ] 041b061a72


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