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Geometric Structures: An Inquiry-Based Approach For Prospective Elementary And Middle School Teacher ((EXCLUSIVE))

The middle school program in Carroll County Schools is based on the middle school concept for students in grades six through eight. The program addresses the needs and interests of students during transition between elementary school and high school. This student-focused approach to education is achieved through Connections (exploratory) course offerings in a variety of areas, flexible scheduling, and interdisciplinary curriculum. Teams of academic teachers, who share common planning periods, work with groups of students in a 5 hour instructional block.

Geometric Structures: An Inquiry-Based Approach for Prospective Elementary and Middle School Teacher

Seventh grade students will study life science through an inquiry based approach. This course will provide a smooth transition from elementary life science concepts to high school biology. By the end of the grade, students will be able to:

Abstract: This course will help middle and high school math teachers make their content real to their students. This course will explain why making math realistic is important in the high school classroom and develop strategies to incorporate Problem-Based or authentic learning in a math classroom.

Abstract: The World MOON project provides a means for students to make observations of the phases of the moon and compare it with observations of their peers. It is both a collaborative and project-based inquiry learning experience for students to learn a critical concept in astronomy. With this, students are able to integrate scientific concepts along with cultural concepts by interacting with students around the world through the World MOON Project Website. This mini-course is designed to help teachers include this project in their lessons in astronomy. It best suits the needs of grades 5-8 instruction, but it could also be incorporated into high school or middle school earth science classes.

Abstract: Imagine sitting in a sixth grade mathematics classroom with thirty two other students. Each day, you follow the same routine. Each class is dominated by teacher instruction. When you are asked to solve a problem, you are only able to solve the problem using the same method that the teacher demonstrated. Where is the student engagement, the motivation to learn, and most importantly, the creativity? In order for students to be engaged and to be able to reach a deep level of understanding, they should be encouraged to use various strategies to find solutions. With the implementation of the common core standards, students are encouraged to use different approaches to solve real-life problems. This practice will not only engage learners of different abilities, but also help them in their future schooling and careers.


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