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I guess I can understand that there are simply things that people enjoy and gravitate toward. We eat hamburgers piled with three kinds of cheese, onion rings, bacon, and grease flowing out the sides. This is personal choice. But it ain't good for us. If it were 1955, we could understand someone making a movie for a couple thousand bucks with virtually no plot and a bunch of inept actors. When the result was held to the fire we'd say, "What did you expect?" What we have here is a movie that is just plain stupid. The events leading to the snakes escaping and killing people on the plane are ludicrous. So why would there be a positive review. For the aforementioned reasons and the fact that the TV ads showed all that was in the movie---nothing worth watching. I saw Samuel Jackson yelling and that was the movie. Please don't bother with this. I already sacrificed two hours. I did it for you.

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People seem to forget that this was just simply a comedy. It's a comedy with a extreme amount of scene's were different races are poking fun of themselves. It shows some of the prejudices we all have, in a comical way. In a way it's holding-up a mirror to the viewer who has certain prejudices. It's not racist, it's pure simple effective comedy!This was a movie I really enjoyed watching. Seriously I expected to come here afterward and write a comment about how bad and racist it was but it wasn't any of that! This movie really made me laugh.Best thing about this comedy were the crazy characters that were in it. All of the characters were extremely funny and unforgettable. It may sound weird but I really like Snoop Dogg as an actor. He is always simply hilarious in most roles he plays.The use of music is just great! And I'm not really into that kind of music normally...There isn't a whole lot of story of course but that really is a secondary in movies like this. Quite frankly I can't understand that if why you liked watching movies like "Hot Shots!" and "Airplane!" who have a similar kind of humor style, you can yet have hatred towards this movie. By the way movies like "Hot Shots!" and "Airplane!" were just as 'racist' as this movie.Only thing I didn't really liked about the movie was the way some of the characters were treated some characters were underused and their stories felt 'unfinished'.All in all a comedy that really made me laugh at times throughout the movie. Not a lot of people dare to say this so here goes; One of the best comedies of 2004!7/10

Why just fly when you can soar with soul? After a humiliating experience on an airplane, Nashawn Wade sues the airline and is awarded a huge settlement. Determined to make good with the money, Nashawn creates the full service airline of his dreams, complete with sexy stewardesses, funky music, a hot onboard dance club, and a bathroom attendant. Departing from all-new Terminal X in Los Angeles, Soul Plane gives "fly" a whole new meaning taking its passengers on a maiden voyage full of comedy. 041b061a72


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