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Astrophysics In A Nutshell (aka Basic Astrophys...

The student will learn the fundamentals of high energy astrophysics in the context of the study of galaxy groups and clusters, and the basics of analyzing X-ray data from working with archival Chandra observations. The work will involve understanding, running, and possibly modifying some "homemade" code to carry out the analysis. Some coding experience, particularly a familiarity with Perl, is a plus (although not required).

Astrophysics in a Nutshell (aka Basic Astrophys...

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Abstract: Exoplanet mutual events are when two extra-solar planets cross in front of one another as seen from Earth. Similar events occasionally occur in other contexts, such as solar system mutual events. Transiting exoplanets themselves are a type of mutual event between a planet and its host star. Throughout astrophysics, mutual events encode significant amounts of unique information that often cannot be determined in any other way. Even though mutual events between two exoplanets have not been previously considered in any detail, they potentially offer an exciting amount of interesting science that would otherwise not be possible. This project will expand preliminary investigations already underway and will look at larger ensembles of simulated planetary systems to examine in more detail the type and frequency of exoplanet mutual events that could be observed by the Kepler Space Telescope and/or the James Webb Space Telescope. The main goal of the project is to determine the basic properties of these events: 041b061a72


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