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Low Carb Snacks You Can Buy [Extra Quality]

Limiting daily total carbohydrate intake can lead to positive health attributes such as reduced appetite, increased weight loss, greater abdominal fat loss, and more! And while a low carb diet does a great job at reducing appetite, cancelled cravings are not a guarantee.

low carb snacks you can buy

The jerky in the Keto Jerky Collection is old-school, authentic-style beef jerky. Expect thick cuts of beef, seasoned to perfection, with a nice chewy texture. You can also expect a wide variety of flavors from the Flamin' Hot Mini Beef Sticks (aka sugar-free snack sticks) to our Old Fashioned Original Beef Jerky. So, no matter your flavor preference, we're here for you on your low-carb snacking journey!

Cheese crisps are one of the best keto snacks available for purchase! They feature an incredibly clean ingredient list which means they're naturally low in carbs which is great. No need to worry about tummy sensitivities to alternative sweeteners here. Plus, they're packed with 12g of protein per serving making them an excellent post-workout snack.

Craving soft and moist chocolate chip cookies while stuck on a low-carb diet? Look no further than SuperFat Chocolate Chip Cookies. Their entirely guilt-free, naturally high in fiber and healthy fats to keep you satiated, and your cravings at bay without turning on the oven.

Coconut chips so Dang good, you just might forget they're healthy! They boast a clean ingredient list made up of just lightly toasted coconut and a hint of sea salt. And with just grams of net carbs per serving, they're a snack you can feel good about munching on.

NuTrail Keto Glazed Pecans are the snack version of a pecan pie. They're spiced and glazed, crunchy and sweet, and completely low-carb! Clocking in at just 1 net carb per serving, they're the perfect healthy snack for when you're looking to satisfy your sweet tooth while staying in ketosis!

Low-carb, keto-friendly cheese puffs. Need we say more? Schoolyard Snacks has knocked it out of the park with this one. Schoolyard Snacks offers 5 tasty flavors, ranging from classic cheddar cheese to sour cream & onion, and offer a few bundle options for those looking to sample their offerings.

Sunflower seeds are a tasty keto snack for those looking to consume all natural food products. These South 40 Snacks sunflower seeds are simply made with just seeds and salt. They also make for a great low-carb snack on the go as their packed in resealable bags for your convenience.

These high protein, zero sugar added cheese balls are as fun to eat as they are to look at. The unique shape adds a great deal of texture to these cheese crisps which help to set them apart from others.100% cheddar cheese gives these delicious snacks a delicious savory bite as well as a dose of protein to keep you going during the day.

Utz Pork Rinds may just be the ultimate zero-carb snack. They're crunchy, crispy, packed with protein, and made with just two ingredients: pork skin and salt. Grab a case and treat yourself to some guilt-free snacking this week.

Terrasoul Superfoods shine skin pumpkin seeds are 100% organic, and abundant in zinc and magnesium making them a great low-carb snack option! Heck, throw them in a low-carb recipe while you're at it. they work perfectly in sweet and savory applications!

Healthy and humane, low-carb snacking is easy with Vital Farms' pasture-raised, hardboiled eggs. Their ethical eggs are boiled, pre-peeled, and packaged with travel salt and pepper. If you're on the go, need a quick lunch at the office, or want enhanced protein after a workout, pick up a bag of their hardboiled eggs next time you're out grabbing groceries!

Now you have no reason to give in to your carb-filled cravings. Keep a few of these snacks on hand to ensure your carbs stay down and your health stays up! Looking some more low-carb diet resources? Click Here to check out our keto-focused blog posts!

A handful or two of popcorn is not going to sabotage your low-carb or keto diet; however, if we are going to place popcorn in one macronutrient category, it's carbs. So, be mindful of how much you eat. Otherwise, stay away from popcorn altogether if you're trying to stick to a ketogenic diet. One cup of popcorn has about 6g of carbohydrates.

If you're following a keto diet, you'll be restricting carbs to roughly 50 grams (total, not net) per day, preferably from whole foods like fibrous vegetables, nuts, and perhaps even some low-sugar berries. Snacks can constitute a small portion of this total.

If you are simply keeping an eye on your carbohydrate intake, you may not be restricting to this level, but the advice to stick to whole foods and not go crazy on the snacks still applies. A low-carb diet offers many similar benefits to a ketogenic diet, the major difference being that the latter puts you in a state of nutritional ketosis.

A lot of packaged "low-carb" or "keto" foods contain hidden ingredients that turn out to be not-so-healthy after all. With this in mind, it's best to opt for whole-food-based snacks, especially if you're following a keto or lazy keto diet.

The contents of this one will, of course, vary depending on what you add, but you should aim for under 10 grams of carbs if you're keto. Leave the dried fruits off and load up on the meats and cheeses, which have essentially no carbohydrates.

Again, you'll want to avoid highly processed snacks in favor of ones with whole-food ingredients to keep carbs down. Registered dietitian L.J. Amaral, M.S., R.D., CSO, recommends on-the-go snacks like chia seed puddings, seaweed snacks, and protein bars, for example.

Kale chips are a fun and yummy way to snack without overdoing it on the carbs. Many kale chips are low-carb, but always read the ingredients and nutrition label to make sure there are no added sugars.

Who knew cheese could make delicious chips? Cheese crisps are essentially baked, crispy cheese bites that can be found in most shops these days. They typically don't contain any strange hidden ingredients and make for an easy low-carb or keto snack on the go.

There are some great keto "treats" out there, like cookies that are higher in fat and lower in carbs. Stick to those made with only a few ingredients, flours like almond flour and coconut flour, and sweeteners like erythritol, monk fruit, and allulose.

Mix up your favorite protein powder (sugar-free, of course) with some water or milk of choice for a simple shake that's high in protein and low in carbs. Keep in mind that a whey protein shake with nothing else in it might not actually be keto, as whey can trigger the release of insulin and slow down ketone production.

Who said you need fruit to make a delicious smoothie? Steamed then frozen cauliflower is a great sub for frozen fruit to give your smoothies a thick texture. But you can always add a handful of frozen berries, too, to keep it low-carb. Here's a keto-approved matcha-mint smoothie recipe to try.

When choosing a snack, it's helpful to stick with foods that will keep you fuller for longer. That way, you won't be tempted to overindulge on unhealthy treats. Any of the low-carb, high-protein options on this list are keto-approved and endlessly customizable to hold you over until your next meal.

Whether you're on a road trip, going to work or visiting someone who just doesn't understand your way of eating, having a low carb snack with you at all times is a pretty good way to avoid hunger-led cheating. I've written on the subject of low-prep snacks before, but the difference with the list here is that these items can be bought from the store (so ZERO preparation)!

Most people who follow a low carb diet don't also count calories. As for sugar alcohols, each low carb diet is different as to whether they are allowed or not (or sometimes down to the individual), so I thought I'd include all options so that people can choose which snacks suit them.

Studies have shown that bites high in protein and healthy fats and low in refined sugars are among the most satiating foods you can eat. Combined with a few sweat sessions every week, these mini munchies will also serve to tone up your body's lean muscle mass and boost your metabolism. And for those of you concerned about blasting away your muffin top? A 2016 review published in The Journal of the American Osteopathic Association found that those who follow a diet in which less than 45 percent of daily calories come from carbs can lose between 2.5 and 9 more pounds in the first 6 months compared to individuals following a low-fat diet.

All the Eat This, Not That!-approved eats below have no more than 250 calories, 13 grams of carbohydrates, and 7 grams of sugar per serving. With this list as your guide, shopping for weight loss snacks will be a breeze! Sounds like stashing these products in your desk drawer is a no-brainer! And for more smart bites, don't miss these delicious, portable snacks that can help you maintain your weight or reach your slim-down goal.

Looking for a small pre-workout nosh? This is it! The almonds in this snack pack are a good source of the amino acid L-arginine, which can help the body burn more fat and carbs during sweat sessions. The omega-3s in the walnuts also play a part in your weight loss success by boosting your brainpower, which can help you stay focused on your fitness.

Just because you're on a low-carb diet doesn't mean you have to go hungry. Thanks to their high water content, carrots are one of the most satiating veggies out there, making this grab-and-go snack pack a solid pick. Bonus: The carrots are accompanied by a package of seasoning that punches up the flavor, similar to dips and dressings, but without the excess calories or fat. If you're worried about the sodium (one of the 50 Little Things Making You Fatter and Fatter), simply use half of the seasonings packet. 041b061a72


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