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Ron Millonario Xo Reserva Especial Rum Buy

Ron Millonario is cherish in Peru and has an interesting history that dates back up to 100 years. After years of experimentation and investment in the company Ron Millonario officially saw the light of day in 1950. The complex operations at Ron Millonario and the long career meant that initially the products were only affordable for high society. Due to a wide variety of climate conditions in parts of the country especially the northern Peru the Rum produced is of high quality and sought after. With an immense effort the lovely mouth-watering Ron Millonario XO Reserva Especial Rum is distilled in Scottish pot still and Column-Still plants and are then stored for up to 20 years to mature in American oak and Slavonian oak barrels.

ron millonario xo reserva especial rum buy


The unique and fancy design of the bottle which is reminiscent of a perfume bottle is very popular among female Rum drinkers and makes the perfect gift or showpiece in a Rum collection. The manufacturer even recommends to consume the Rum in the specially created Venetian glasses which fit the hand perfectly. These glasses present the excellent fragrance flavors, the perfect taste and especially the enjoyment of the special molasses based Ron Millonario XO Reserva Especial Rum. 041b061a72


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