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Der Untergang Extended Version 31

The development of version 22 of Brutal Doom has started this month. The aim is to provide at least a good public beta by the end of April/mid of May with a final version of Extermination Day. It might take years for the final version of v22 to come out, but even the first public beta builds will provide a far better experience over v21 Gold.On this first dev mini-diary, I'm documenting the performance improvements brought by bringing the hitbox system of VietDoom into it and replacing the old multi-box system, and also great improvements in the way the engine spawns particle effects and explosions.The partial result: Slaughterfest wads that were previously unplayable with BDv21 or prior versions can now be decently played on my rig (i3 8100, GTX 1660).On this video I'm playing Map 30 of Speed of Doom, a ridiculous final battle that pits the player against 3000 monsters in a huge arena. On v21, the game would freeze a few seconds after stepping into the arena, but now it's completely playable on an average of 20 to 30fps.

Der Untergang Extended Version 31


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