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Buy Spenco Sandals

Spenco began in 1967 by Dr. Wayman Spence, who wanted to create products to improve the comfort level of shoes. As a result, Spenco has developed a full line of insoles, orthotics, heel cups, and sandals to help promote overall wellness and alleviate foot problems. These products have been approved by both the American Podiatric Medical Association and the Federation of International Podiatrists.

buy spenco sandals

Whether you're hitting the beach or cruising the streets, when the Summer heat is radiating down, nothing beats the breezy comfort of supportive sandals. Stay cool and look stylish, all while taking care of your feet with supportive sandals. Our sandals provide the orthotic support found in our inserts, slippers, boots, and shoes and in a variety brands and styles.

I purchased a pair of Spenco Yumi sandals. They were very cute. But the metatarsal arch support was not rigid enough for my high arches. So the arch flattens down. (I think Spenco are good for people with a normal arch). Personally, I found my Birkenstocks original hard footbed more supportive and hands down more comfortable than the Spenco Yumi flip flop. I returned my Spenco sandals after a few days of wearing them on my carpet. I think if Spenco used a ridgid material then the arch support would not flatten down. I did try on a pair of Kalso Earth shoes/sandals and they were very comfortable. The heel cup keeps the ball of my foot from hurting. I also tried on a pair of Chacos which have fabulous arch support. I did try on the orthoheel vionics at Dillards on three different occasions but they are like standing on a hard walnut and so too intense for my high arch, arthritic foot. It is a good idea to try different shoes and sandals and figure out which one your high arch likes. I purchased a pair of ABEO metatarsal sandals from the walking store that I like a lot. And I also purchased a pair of ALEGRIA shoes that I like. I tried Danskos on in the store and walked around in them for a few minutes but they cause me to have pain in my toes and the ball of my foot. My advice is to order different brands. Try them on. Test them out.

Hi Martha, Fit Flops are my go to brand for comfortable sandals/flip flops. Super commodities right out of the box and light as a feather. I have plantar faciitis and these have saved my life. I have a pay off the flip flops and 2 pair of the clogs. 041b061a72


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